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Double Helix Water® Cream

A new kind of face and body cream presents a promising innovation for natural skin care. In Double Helix Water® Cream, the stable water clusters contained in Double Helix Water® synergistically work with herbs, oils, vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, and antioxidants to help soothe and soften your skin, restore tightness and elasticity, and help it recover from the harsh effects of life.

Powered by Double Helix Water®

Many people have been telling of their health changes after using Double Helix Water® drops added to distilled water. Double Helix Water® Cream contains an even higher concentration of stable water clusters, along with skin-friendly ingredients that help to deliver them to the deeper layers.

Double Helix Water® may trigger the body’s own recuperative ability. The developers of the product have suggested that people try it for themselves and observe any beneficial results. In addition, thermal imaging and studies have provided more information about personal improvements observed.

Double Helix Water® Cream: All Natural Skin Care

With all the unhealthy substances our skin touches, it makes sense not to add to the toxic load with skin care products. While a chemical ingredient may have a desired cosmetic effect, it is usually temporary, and the body is then saddled with the toxins.

Although we do have defense mechanisms against toxins, in the form of our waste-removing organs (kidneys, lungs, skin, large intestine, spleen, lymph nodes, and liver), there is a limit to a body’s tolerance. If you rub paint thinner into your hands, you may see them turn red, as your body sends blood to carry away the irritating chemicals and dispose of them. If you immersed your hands in paint thinner every day of your life, your essential detoxification organs might be overwhelmed and damaged. They can only handle so much.

Double Helix Water® Cream is an example of all-natural skin care in an over-toxic world!

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