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Double Helix Water, A Groundbreaking Discovery.

Double Helix Water is a unique form of ultra-pure-water containing microscopic concentrated stable water clusters first introduced in the International Journal of Physics, Physics Letters A, October 2009 by engineer David L. Gann and a member of his research team.

In the words of C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD., neurosurgeon and founder of the American Holistic Medical Society:

“David and Yin have taken the concept of homeopathy into the twenty-first century with the most elegant experiments to date. Their demonstration of microscopic clusters in water is groundbreaking and revolutionary! Their purification of water, with the atmospheric purity described, places homeopathy on a scientifically valid foundation that is equal at least to the discovery of atomic energy. I had the privilege of testing some of the earliest clustered water and found statistically significant improvement in basic immune function. Their more refined products are even more exciting.”

Why Double Helix Water works and how it functions within the body is a subject of studies around the world. Testimonials from people using Double Helix Water speak about improved general health, feelings of well being and heightened immune response.

Although not complete, present research indicates that Double Helix Water works at the mitochondrial cellular level.

From biology courses in school, many of us know that mitochondria are responsible for producing the energy that is needed on a cellular level. It is through the mitochondria that our bodies convert glucose into adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, (adenosine triphospate is the main energy source for all cellular functions). In fact ATP is the molecule which drives not only human bodies but nearly every known life form on earth.

As explained in the book Double Helix Water®, studies suggest that Double Helix Water helps enhance the production of ATP, thus not only providing increased energy for all cellular activity, but also allowing cells to be more efficient in their metabolic processes.

Based on the interpretation of testimonials from people using it, drinking a few drops of Double Helix Water twice a day appears to be effective in boosting immune function, improving cellular metabolism, increasing cell-to-cell communication pathways and raising general energy levels.

Following are a few testimonials of people who use Double Helix Water:

“I have been using Double Helix Water for over 3 weeks now, exactly as stated, taking 2 glasses daily. At the first few days I did not notice any real change, however a few days into the 2nd week of taking Double Helix Water I started to feel the difference. Now I am not taking it for my general health, I am recovering from breaking both my feet after a serious freestyle rock-climbing accident. I have been out of a wheelchair for 6 months before I started taking Double Helix Water. After 6 months of recovery I was still having a hard time walking, a half an hour walk would have me off my feet for about 2 days, and I would be limping.
As stated a few days into the 2nd week, I noticed that it was a lot easier to walk, I would still have sore feet after a half hour walk, but considerably less, and the next day the pain would be gone. I am now into week 4 of taking Double Helix Water and things have improved beyond what I thought was possible.

I have had more recovery in the last 4 weeks than the entire 6 months prior, I went for a 3 mile hike last weekend, and yes my feet were still slightly sore, bot nothing compared to before. On top of all this I just played a game of racquetball 2 days ago, something my doctor had told me would never be possible again with the injury I had (10 years ago they didn’t even have the technology to repair my feet, they were so badly broken. I’ve started light training for running and am looking at the possibility of cross country running once more, something my doctor told me I would never do again.

Now don’t get me wrong I really respect my doctor, he did an amazing job puzzling my feet back together and without him I wouldn’t be walking at all. But frankly until I started taking double helix water, I had given up hope of ever resuming my prior active lifestyle.” –William T. Web Developer and Outdoors Enthusiast.

“I have had not just one, but two instances in the past year of a groin pull –very painful. I’d always heard that this type injury is very slow to heal up.

BOTH times this happened, I was back to complete normal, no pain of any kind, in 72 hours. Both instances were identical. I started tightening up and experiencing excruciating pain 12 or so hours after the injury.

I doubled up on my Double Helix Water intake (one extra 6 ounce glass for the day). In both cases I could walk again after two night’s sleep. I could walk normally with no pain after the third night’s sleep. The first groin pull of these two instances, I had to crawl from the bed to the bathroom the first day. Most painful injury I’ve ever had.” –Al A. Salesman & Emergency Rescue Volunteer.

“I’ve been using Double Helix Water regularly only for two and a half months, and I wasn’t expecting a lot to happen for the first three months or so.

However, from the beginning, I noticed increased energy. Next, I noticed that when I would get a slight headache (usually a precursor to feeling generally ill for a few days), the headache would just fade away in a couple of hours. This happened twice.

Just this past week, I’ve been sleeping really well, without my usual wake-ups in the wee hours. At the age of 63, insomnia of various kinds has been one of my worst problems. Very exciting.”- Robin A. Design Logistics

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One Response to Double Helix Water, A Groundbreaking Discovery.

  1. Cheryl April 5, 2012 at 9:54 am #

    I did an experiment. I hurt my wrist – fell on the ice when ice skating. It was so sore the first couple of days, and I could only bend it about 30 degrees. I drank an entire bottle of Double Helix Water straight. In one hour, the angle I could bend my wrist at changed from 30 degrees to 45 degrees, and by the next day, about 80 degrees.

    The next part of the experiment was to stop drinking Double Helix Water at all. This was really by accident, as I was traveling and moving around. The wrist continued to be too sore to really use easily, especially if bent (although I did not lose the ability to bend it that I had gained). I didn’t have any DHW for about a week, and the wrist was painful most of the time.

    The third part of the experiment was to drink a lot of Double Helix Water every day – 3-4 cups per day, double strength drops in each cup. The constant pain simply stopped. After just a few days, the wrist is almost normal – just a little soreness if I bend it way back.

    I’m impressed. One thing this showed me is to drink more Double Helix Water.

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