Can Double Helix Water Improve Physical Health?

Double Helix Water is a unique naturally-occurring substance, now available in a concentrated form, which has been shown to promote general health and to improve the body’s functions on a cellular and sub-cellular level. Taking as little as ten drops per day has been shown to improve immune function, cellular metabolism, cell-to-cell communication pathways, and general energy levels of the body. These factors each play a roll in Physical health.

Clinical studies seem to indicate that Double Helix Water improves the function of the cell at the mitochondrial level, thus enhancing ATP production, providing increased energy.* When the cell functions at this improved level, it can be more efficient in its metabolic processes, producing more ATP and proteins, as well as better clearing waste products from its cytoplasm. At this level it can function with 100% efficiency, as it was meant to do, without the hindrance of accumulated metabolic waste products.

In non-medical terms, evidence suggests that Double Helix Water may provide the body’s cells with a cellular “tune up,” cleaning the waste matter and permitting the functions to run more cleanly and efficiently. When some metabolic pathways have not been running at optimal levels, or have even broken down, Double Helix Water can help to restore them to their optimum levels.

While more work is being done with a number of universities to further investigate Double Helix Water’s entire range of  effects on the mitochondria production of ATP,  clinical evidence strongly supports improved immune function, improved fracture healing, increased energy, and an improved overall feeling of balance and wellness.

As regards physical exercise, and in the fields of athletics and sports, the enhanced removal of lactic acids from muscle tissues and improved healing of small injuries could reduce soreness or pain during and following intense work-outs or competitions. This, in part, could explain reports of improved endurance and faster recovery rates by athletes using Double Helix Water to improve their performance.

Aside from its obvious other uses, Double Helix Water is a perfect addition to the regimen of anyone seeking to improve physical health through exercise. Our evidence demonstrates improved energy, balance and a feeling of well-being, enhanced healing, and improved cellular metabolism (both of building proteins and of extraction of metabolic wastes, such as lactic acid).

* The mitochondria are the parts of the cell that produce the cell’s energy. That energy is ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It is ATP that is used in all the body’s metabolic processes as the source of energy for the chemical reactions.

75 Responses to “Can Double Helix Water Improve Physical Health?”

  1. Robin Says:

    @Helene. After a workout, if your muscles are sore, they are inflamed. If they are not sore, there is no inflammation, so more exercise is fine. Double Helix Water reduces inflammation, according to the thermal images.

  2. Dustin Says:

    I am going to talk to this personal trainer that I produced a video for and see if he wants to sell this product to his clients. I may even offer to market this product by building him a web site and setting up an amazon store to facilitate online transactions. I think that people who pay for gym memberships and especially those who can afford a personal trainer are certainly good clients for high end water.

  3. Gerald Says:

    I just started working out again after being unable to for about three months except periodically, it’s amazing to me how long it takes to get into shape and how little time it takes to get back out of shape and practically lose everything you gained. I know I wish I had some of this water now to help with the recovery time and the sore muscles. Great Information I can’t wait to get some.

  4. Jose Says:

    Why is it you can lose what you worked so hard for so fast? I am going to get me some of this water to get me back up to where I was before I had my time off and then I should be able to stop taking it right? I used to have all the energy I needed but getting back into it after six months it is taking its toll.

  5. Ashly Says:

    I worked out my legs and calves three days ago and my calves have gotten more sore and tight over the course of two days. Maybe this is because I have not worked out my calves in over a month or perhaps it is because I am forty one years of age, or both. But I sure would like a supplement that can help me recover faster from my workouts. Something that works as well as steroids.

  6. Shirlee Says:

    I hope some of the players who are on one of the football teams playing in today’s Super Bowl will be taking Double Helix water to help them win the NFL championship game. I am not specifying which team I placed a wager on, but I will be secretly rooting to win some money. I won’t be doing it openly because that would be going against my allegiance to my team, which obviously did not make it to the Super Bowl this season.

  7. Cindy Says:

    One aspect of my workout regimen includes sprints (shuttle runs, 50 yard, 100 yard stride sprint combos) and jump training (also known as plyometrics). This, as you would imagine, is intense training that wears down the muscles in order to improve their strength and explosiveness. I am hoping that Double Helix water can help in the recovery of sore, worn out muscles so that I can improve my speed and strength at a faster rate.

  8. Kenneth Says:

    Not since Ponce De Leon came treading through the swamps of Florida have we been so close to finding the fabled fountain of youth. And who would have thought it could be manufactured by an oriental physicists. At least, I hope this product proves to be rejuvenating as the published claims all but boast about. For fifty dollars, I hope I get to feel something more intense than I would get from buying a fifty dollar bottle of Jack Daniels.

  9. Jeremy Says:

    One way to use Double Helix water that is different from the more conventional uses of this holistic product, is to use it as an energy drink. I started to take it within an hour after having a cup of coffee or an espresso and I noticed that it helps to prevent the energy crash I would normally experience after the caffeine rush finishes going through my blood stream. Double Helix seems to keep me energized for extended periods of time.

  10. Don Says:

    I have been using the home fitness training series, P90X, for qquite some time now. And ever since I started this fitness regimen, I have improved my fitness level and burned lots of body fat. And you have to realize that once you become in tune with your body, you become adept at measuring your day to day and week to week improvements in terms of conditioning. Since I started taking Double Helix, my recovery has definitely improved.

  11. James Says:

    I don’t know much about all the scientific stuff you were talking about in your blog but this sounds like it is amazing stuff, I went through your website and I read the blog, the articles, the testimonies everything I could find and understand and there wasn’t one negative comment to what it does or how it performs. If these are all true then I definitely want to give it a try.

  12. Caroline Says:

    Did you find the fountain of youth and have been successful at hiding it? This water sounds like a miracle cure or something. If it can cause the changes described in your article then it obviously boosts your energy among other things. The healing of the sore muscles and sunburn are also great testimonies to its effects and I wish I had some right now for my sore muscles.

  13. Stuart Says:

    This is amazing stuff apparently, I went through your website and I read the blog, the articles, the testimonies everything I could find and there was not one negative comment to what it does or how it performs. The only deterrent I have is the price, do you think it will ever be less than fifty dollars for a month supply? Do you offer coupons or anything? I’m all about coupons.

  14. Angela Says:

    This water sounds like a miracle cure or something out of the fountain of youth instead of water. If it caused a somewhat in shape person to take 8-17 exercise classes a week then it obviously boosts your energy and the healing of the sore muscles and sunburn are also great testimonies to its effects. I have some very sore muscles right now from working out and I wish I had some to try.

  15. Lydia Says:

    When I consider buying a product, especially when it is priced higher than what I can afford, I consider the old saying, I cannot afford it, but I cannot afford not to have it. That is a way that can cause anyone to convince themselves into buying something. That is why I also consider and examine the resellers of any given product. In this case, it is typically gyms, trainers, health bar owners. And I ask myself, how reputable are they?

  16. Marlyn Says:

    This sounds like some really great stuff even with the controversial messages that I have read it still sounds like a great item and the people that negative about it don’t have any proof of what they are saying anyway. I will admit that the price is a bit steep but I think for what it does it would be well worth it. Thanks you for posting al the information and comments that you have.

  17. Ricky Says:

    I have been reading many of the opinions and accounts of customers who have tried this product, not just from this site, but also from other sites throughout cyberspace. I want to know more about the effects of this holistic supplement, besides the opinions of consumers, but it really is perplexing to read about the details of the chemistry because it is so highly technical in nature. It seems you need a degree to comprehend the science.

  18. Alice Says:

    I just finished a grueling legs and back workout today and I felt kind of weary which hit me more so after I showered and had the time to cool down and relax. All I had to drink to replenish my muscles was some Gatorade. I wonder how much better my body would feel if I had a recovery supplement like Double Helix Water. I have heard so many good reviews from people who used it as a recovery drink.

  19. Robin Says:

    @ Doris. It’s true that after you eat something that energizes you and makes you feel less tired, it is disappointing to go back to the old weakness. That goes for anything you do to improve your health, whether it be food, exercise, or supplements. None of them are a “magic bullet” that you take once and never more have to feel bad. That would be like eating one balanced meal, followed by a diet of total junk food, and being disappointed by the results.

  20. Robin Says:

    @Ollie. Yes, it is sold in some gyms.

  21. Loretta Says:

    Is this miracle water supplement considered a holistic supplement or does it fall under the category of sports drinks? Holistic or natural health products represent a booming business niche worldwide and many people are jumping on board to take advantage of the trend. I find it interesting how this product has centered their marketing campaign around a published book which covers the findings that the product’s creators reveal in their highly technical book which is available at amazon.

  22. Judson Says:

    The growth of the top performing products in the estimated $24-25 billion U.S. dietary supplement market is rising at double-digit rates thanks to increased consumer focus on health, better industry regulation, and trends geared toward greater globalization and financing. This is what industry sources suggest. So it wouldn’t surprise me to see this product become a best seller for its creators. If that comes to pass, it will mean lots of extra profits for resellers like gyms.

  23. Roger Says:

    Despite all the data behind the chemistry and the way cells (not just human cells, but also those of dogs, from what I have read) react to this product, I think the secret to this product is similar to that of the balance wrist band. It is about faith which demonstrates the power of the human mind. If you can believe water has this effect, wouldn’t it be easier to believe that faith can heal sickness?

  24. Felecia Says:

    I came across a book on Double Helix water today while searching Google for recovery drinks. I was able to read an excerpt using the Google book preview tool. I was only able to read a few paragraphs (less than one page) before I started to feel stupid or just confused by all the technical and chemistry terms that seem to be squeezed together. The title, Double Helix Water Has the 200-year-old mystery of homeopathy been solved? Is aptly named because it is so confusing, it remains a mystery to me.

  25. Larisa Says:

    I have been using Double Helix Water for over 3 weeks now, exactly as stated, taking 2 glasses daily. At the first few days I did not notice any real change, however a few days into the 2nd week of taking Double Helix Water I started to feel the difference. My friend is taking it in order to help recover from breaking both his feet after a serious freestyle rock-climbing accident. So I’m rooting for Helix.