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Double Helix Water International Debut

Double Helix Water is rapidly gaining international recognition and use.  As of recently it is now for sale and used in Germany,  Holland,  France, Sweden, and Denmark.

Why?  Because it produces results.

As we are touching upon the field of natural health, it is virtually impossible to make claims without getting into legal complications.  It is for this reason that Natural health products usually remain relatively unheard of or in the background,  it is difficult to market them as the pharmaceutical industry has a virtual monopoly and strangle hold marketing.  Lets face it, its easier and more legal to promote toxic sugar supplements than to advocate the use of vitamins, that naturally occur in fruit.

In fact in some places its would technically be illegal to sell an orange, if one peddled it as a vitamin C tablet, due to it having a higher concentration of vitamin C than is legal in a supplement.

Regardless of these restrictions word of mouth alone is rapidly gaining international recognition for Double Helix Water and the use of stable water clusters to address fundamental issues in the human body deemed as incurable or a lost cause.  There are now numerous professionals in the holistic and natural health community who wholeheartedly endorse the effectiveness at which stable water clusters seem to address some of the most dreaded conditions in the human body.





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