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Can Double Helix Water Improve Physical Health?

Double Helix Water is a unique naturally-occurring substance, now available in a concentrated form, which has been shown to promote general health and to improve the body’s functions on a cellular and sub-cellular level. Taking as little as ten drops per day has been shown to improve immune function, cellular metabolism, cell-to-cell communication pathways, and general energy levels of the body. These factors each play a roll in Physical health.

Clinical studies seem to indicate that Double Helix Water improves the function of the cell at the mitochondrial level, thus enhancing ATP production, providing increased energy.* When the cell functions at this improved level, it can be more efficient in its metabolic processes, producing more ATP and proteins, as well as better clearing waste products from its cytoplasm. At this level it can function with 100% efficiency, as it was meant to do, without the hindrance of accumulated metabolic waste products.

In non-medical terms, evidence suggests that Double Helix Water may provide the body’s cells with a cellular “tune up,” cleaning the waste matter and permitting the functions to run more cleanly and efficiently. When some metabolic pathways have not been running at optimal levels, or have even broken down, Double Helix Water can help to restore them to their optimum levels.

While more work is being done with a number of universities to further investigate Double Helix Water’s entire range of  effects on the mitochondria production of ATP,  clinical evidence strongly supports improved immune function, improved fracture healing, increased energy, and an improved overall feeling of balance and wellness.

As regards physical exercise, and in the fields of athletics and sports, the enhanced removal of lactic acids from muscle tissues and improved healing of small injuries could reduce soreness or pain during and following intense work-outs or competitions. This, in part, could explain reports of improved endurance and faster recovery rates by athletes using Double Helix Water to improve their performance.

Aside from its obvious other uses, Double Helix Water is a perfect addition to the regimen of anyone seeking to improve physical health through exercise. Our evidence demonstrates improved energy, balance and a feeling of well-being, enhanced healing, and improved cellular metabolism (both of building proteins and of extraction of metabolic wastes, such as lactic acid).

* The mitochondria are the parts of the cell that produce the cell’s energy. That energy is ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It is ATP that is used in all the body’s metabolic processes as the source of energy for the chemical reactions.