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Double Helix Water and Stable Water Clusters

Double Helix Water® is the registered trademark owned by D&Y Laboratories, Inc. Double Helix Water® is an ultra-pure water preparation that contains Stable Water Clusters.

Stable Water Clusters are defined as nanometer-sized, rigid, ice-like (but formed at room temperature) water clusters that demonstrate a measurable polar charge. Stable Water Clusters are created by a patent pending and proprietary processes done in an ultra-clean environment.

Following the original discovery by engineer David Gann of a certain catalytic property found in a particular laboratory water sample in the early 1990’s, research and experimentation commenced to isolate the causative factor of such property. One member of our research team, a PhD Graduate of the University of Chicago in Theoretical Particle Physics, utilized Nobel Laureate Peter Debye’s definitive work on dilute solutions to create a mathematical model that predicted the existence of this solid water particle. After nearly fifteen years of investigation utilizing photographs from an Atomic Force Microscope, Lo and Gann believe that these particles represent a hitherto
undiscovered “phase” of water. In October of 2009, Lo and Gann published their work in the International Journal of Physics, Physics Letters A, “Evidence for the existence of stable-water-clusters at room temperature and normal pressure”.

This newly discovered phase is comprised of clusters of solid, rigid, ice-like, nanometer-sized, uncontaminated H2O molecules. Held in suspension within ultra-pure water, these Stable Water Clusters have demonstrated through empirical experience, the ability to enhance immune states when ingested.

It is theorized that due to their size and charge, these solid nanometer sized particles absorb immediately into the semi-permeable membranes and enter into the energetic networks of the acupuncture meridian system. One member of the research team believes that due to the highly polar charge nature of the particle that they are indeed the material bases for the Meridians within the body.

Increasing evidence suggests that chains of Stable Water Clusters, situated in fascia and connective tissue throughout the body are indeed the actual circuitry of the acupuncture meridian system. Such evidence is supported by both Atomic Force Microscope and Electron Microscope photographs.

It is theorized that in a healthy body, these chains of Stable Water Clusters form the meridian system known as the Jing Luo in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Jing Luo is comprised of 14 main meridians and a capillary network of connecting channels that link and feed tissues between the main meridians. Qi (pronounced Chi), or more commonly translated as vital energy, flows through these channels maintaining cellular integrity and system robustness. In TCM, when Qi is enabled and flowing freely, the individual experiences thriving health and is able to adapt to a changing world. It is also said in TCM, that when there is a compromise of flow within these channels or networks then a pattern of disharmony occurs and problems such as pain and other physical issues follow. The current theory proposed by scientists at D&Y Laboratories, the makers of Double Helix Water®, is that by ingesting high concentrations of Stable Water Clusters (i.e. Double-Helix Water®) these particles help restore blocked areas of energy circulation, and thereby improve the flow of Qi. According to TCM, the balanced flow of Qi restores the overall healthiness of the individual.

This reasoning is supported through thermography. Some three hundred infrared thermographs have shown that when an individual drinks Double-Helix Water®, concentrated hot body zones dissipate within 15 minutes. It has been theorized that a healthy body maintains homeostasis. This would include balanced consistent temperature throughout its tissues, and that hot spots or cold spots indicate areas of blockage or a deficiency of Qi. In addition to the change in the objective data of the thermograph, subjectively individuals will report healthful change such as a minimization of pain or a feeling of healthiness after drinking. In addition to these short term effects, individuals have reported very dramatic improvements in their health after three months of regularly ingesting the Double-Helix Water®.

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