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Homeopathy in Practice

by David L. Gann

Norman Shealy, MD, PhD and Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association wrote a foreword to our book, Double-Helix Water, Has the 200-year-old mystery of homeopathy been solved? I have included it here as an introduction for this article for Homeopathy In Practice.

“The Secret of Life has been the foundation of philosophy and medicine throughout history. The Chinese called it chi; the Japanese, qi; the Indians, prana; and Wilhelm Reich, orgone. Much of medicine before 1940 was rather pragmatic empirical practice with many errors. Since 1940 the bulk of modern medicine has been a takeover by the Pharmaco Mafia—my title for the pharmaceutical industry. Today Modern Medicine is at least the third leading cause of death in the United States (JAMA, July 2000). Drugs that have little justification and serious risks, called side effects, are added almost daily to the stream of offerings. Numerous brave souls question the current system, and yet it is THE SYSTEM rejecting and attacking viciously virtually every alternative. Homeopathy was introduced by Hahnemann when the mainstay of the medical profession was bloodletting, purging and leeches. Even then homeopathy was rejected by those who snobbishly considered themselves intellectually superior. Despite this rejection, homeopathy remains a major force in Europe and England. In the United States, early in the twentieth century, the American Medical Association, in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, conspired to have Abraham Flexner produce his Report attacking everything except allopathic medicine, with its drugs and surgery. Half of all medical schools and hospitals were closed. Acupuncture, used in the U.S. since at least the 1850s, was abandoned. Homeopathy was excommunicated. Osteopathy was vigorously attacked, and chiropractic was even more viciously attacked until the AMA was finally defeated by the chiropractors in 1966. The remarkable pleomorphism theories and practices of Royal Rife were destroyed by the Czar of the AMA, Morris Fishbein, setting back for over sixty years the potential cure of cancer. The work of Georges Lakhovsky, George Crile and Harold Saxton Burr on the electrical foundation of life remains ignored. These three proved beyond any reasonable scientific doubt that the essence of life is indeed electrical. The chemistry and even the physical aspect of life are dependent upon the electrical matrix. But medicine has looked almost exclusively at the physical and chemical. Although life expectancy has increased over 50 percent in the past century, Dr. Thomas McKeown (The Role of Medicine) has emphasized that this increase is the result of pasteurization of milk, chlorination of water, proper disposal of sewage and adequate protein and calories.

David and Yin have taken the concept of homeopathy into the twenty-first century with the most elegant experiments to date. Their demonstration of microscopic clusters in water is groundbreaking and revolutionary! Their purification of water, with the atmospheric purity described, places homeopathy on a scientifically valid foundation that is equal at least to the discovery of atomic energy. I had the privilege of testing some of the earliest clustered water and found statistically significant improvement in basic immune function. Their more refined products are even more exciting. Obviously further research is needed, as it has been with radiation for the past century. But we now have an equally exciting New Frontier of Science, infinitely safer and potentially radically more effective in redefining Life and Healing. Kudos, David and Yin! The world awaits the next step in the development of electrically and chemically pure homeopathy. Hahnemann would be as excited as I am to see the results of your work. You have made a great step forward in understanding the Secret of Life.”

What a nice validation for our work. Thank you, Norman. My name is David Gann. Along with my partners, I embarked upon an extensive investigation into the comprehensive understanding of the molecular structure of water over sixteen years ago. Recently, we were asked to present an article to Homeopathy In Practice . It is difficult to present our work in any detail within a single presentation, so instead we wish to offer here a brief synopsis in hopes that you will look for more detail in our book, Double-Helix Water®.

To begin, a concise and detailed explanation of the fundamental mechanism that underlies the foundation of our research can be found in the October, 2009, Elsevier International Journal of Physics, Physics Letters A: “Evidence for the existence of stable-water-clusters at room temperature and normal pressure,” by a former visiting faculty member, Caltech; Xu Gene, former chair of physics of Zhongshan (Sun Yet-Sen); and David Gann, D&Y Laboratories Inc. In that paper we outline the steps to dilute a water soluble particle to dilutions below one part-per-million. The procedure, if followed exactly, results in the birth of a solid water particle, and it is that particle that has become the central core of our studies. The Physics Letters A paper, as well as previously published papers, are included in our book, Double-Helix Water®. It is our belief that this particle represents a newly discovered state or phase of water and that this phase is one of the underlying mechanics for the demonstration of Homeopathic workability.

As a bit of background, while working on developing a new form of catalyst for gasoline engines in 1995, We stumbled upon an unusual catalytic effect in a particular water sample. Because of numerous strange dielectric and analytical peculiarities of this particular water sample, my partner built a mathematical model attempting to explain this hitherto undiscovered phenomenon of water. Describing it in the 1996 paper; Modern Physics Letters B. Vol. 10, No. 19 Anomalous State Of Ice, he outlined that model and predicted the discovery of the particle that he called Ie after Ice formed from an electrical charge. The paper describes what would happen to a water soluble substance in pure water if diluted to a concentration of one part-per-million or less. The calculations are based upon the Debye-Huckel set of equations (Nobel Laureate Peter Debye’s definitive work on dilute solutions). Yin’s calculations expanded the Debye-Huckel model, as he wanted to understand what might occur if one continued to dilute to a point where the ions no longer consistently collided. His model predicted that there was a great probability that the dominant force within this interaction between the water molecule and the ion, would be the Coulomb force. The Coulomb force surrounds a single charged particle and its electrical pressure can be calculated. If the ion was no longer free to exchange with its oppositely charged ion, he predicted that a collapsing inward force would be generated. That force, according to Yin’s model, would cause an inward pull toward the center of the ion and the resultant pressure of such an interaction could be calculated at approximately 100,000 psi. A known phase of ice (taking the form of a crystal) forms at such pressures, but Yin’s particle forms because of an electrical pressure not due to a sudden increase in atmospheric pressure. Consequently, such an interaction had to represent a new, undiscovered variety of particle, one that upon further examination proved to be made solely from H2O. The particle was then named “Stable-Water Cluster”.

I took hundreds of photographs of this new particle using a scanning electron microscope and an atomic force microscope, and one particular photo seemed to indicate an antibacterial action. That discovery led to a collaboration between myself, Dr. Lo and Dr. Benjamin Bonavida, at that time the Chairman of the Department of Immunology at UCLA. Using platinum (a known, but toxic immunogen) as the water soluble substance (diluted to a concentration of less than one part-per-million), Bonavida found that these extremely dilute solutions containing stable-water clusters caused a selective triggering of TH1 vs. TH2 cytokines. In fact, the triggering was hundreds to thousands of times greater than controls.

That paper was published in 1998 and appears on page 103 in our book Double-Helix Water®. Unbeknownst to either of us, that disclosure lit a fuse on a cruise missile which was pointed directly at us. We had inadvertently stepped into a raging battlefield between allopathic and complementary/alternative medicine. Our funding and quite frankly our nerves were suddenly shaken but though we disappeared from the public eye, we continued our work.

Then in 2006, I was asked to give some of the Bonavida preparation to a family member of a business associate who was familiar with the Bonavida study. This family member had pancreatic cancer, had not responded to conventional therapies, was in hospice and was given only a few months to live. She began drinking a solution of the water and went into remission within four months and is today considered cancer-free. She was the first of, now, numerous people taking the water who have gone into cancer remission. We have also seen recoveries from a variety of other diseases including autism-related disorders and a variety of autoimmune diseases.

Then in 2007 following the premise of the Bonavida study, in 2007, together with Norman Shealy (a neurosurgeon and medical researcher), we did a small clinical trial in which ten healthy subjects had baseline blood drawn to measure TNF-A, IL-1B; IL-6, and IFN-Y. Each subject was asked to drink water that contained these stable-water clusters four times a day for 45 days. The results were impressive. The subjects who drank the water showed large increases in Interferon-Y at the end of 45 days. Dr. Shealy stated in the summary of the results: “The water may produce a significant enhancement of immune function in human beings. Larger studies should be done with perhaps a broader overview of immune function. Dysfunctions of the immune system are major factors in allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancer and even atherosclerosis and diabetes. The implications for immune health are obvious.” The study was unpublished because of the small numbers.

In 2009, we conducted a large study of this water cluster’s immediate effect on the human body. The study consisted of 78 volunteers over the age of 45 and free of acute disease. An infrared image was taken of each volunteer (T0). Each then drank plain distilled water. Ten minutes later, another infrared image was taken (T1). The same volunteers then drank water containing stabilized water clusters. Another twenty minutes later a third infrared image was taken (T2). The temperature changes detected with these infrared pictures were then calculated. Statistically significant differences in temperature responses were found in all 78 subjects. The body surface temperature differences found before and after drinking stabilized water cluster solution indicate that these molecules induce a rapid physiological response and the resulting infrared pattern is entirely different from that of ordinary water molecules. We believe this observation reflects an important role of these stabilized water clusters in cell-to-cell communication. This effect, if demonstrated with human cell culture experiments, could increase our understanding of signal and control processes among cells.

Our research and a significant amount of anecdotal data have shown that these nanometer-sized stable-water-clusters particles, with their strong electric polar fields, demonstrate impressive biological effects. Some of these effects have been accelerated
fracture healing and a reduction in cancerous tumor size in several people taking these water clusters daily. We have also seen substantial improvement in individuals with a variety of autoimmune disorders, some becoming symptom-free without any medication. We have seen cancer patients taking the water tolerate chemotherapy and radiation therapy with minimal discomfort, minimal constitutional side effects, and no appetite or weight loss. We have watched a number of children with autism-related disorders show substantial improvement on a regular regimen of this water coinciding with their other treatment programs.

So the question arises, what exactly is this water? We call this phase of water, “double-helix water” (DHW) because it forms a double-helix when concentrated as can be seen in atomic force photos. Double-helix water is formed by the re-alignment of ultra-pure water clusters into solid stable-water-clusters containing strong negative and positive charges due to the condensing of their geometric shape (the process described in the above mentioned Oct. 2009 Physics Letters A paper). Our understanding of the size and charge relationship of this particle leads us to the hypothesis that these highly-charged, solid-water particles, may somehow facilitate ATP production at the mitochondrial level, thus enhancing the production of cytokines, as seen in Bonavida’s original study. It also may play a role in helping the body distinguish “foreign” from “non-foreign”, as evidenced by its impact on both the diseases of cancer and various autoimmune phenomena. The water has shown some facilitation effect on cell to cell communication pathways. Those pathways in the brain may explain the positive effects we are seeing in autism-related disorders. We have not tried this solution as a topical agent, but it would be interesting to see its effect on psoriasis and allergic dermatitis. We are currently developing a topical application for trials. The implications for the use of Double-Helix Water in healing are far-reaching, to say the least.

But we want to make it very clear that this is water, not a drug or a curative agent (medicine) in any respect. We are not medical doctors and we want all to know that we make no representations that this water treats or cures anything, period. Our interest and our study has been, from the beginning, to simply develop a thorough understanding of the structure of water, strictly from a physics viewpoint.

But with that being said, have numerous MDs and scores of other healthcare professionals recommended this new phase of water to their clients, patients and family members for a healthy lifestyle? Absolutely. Healthcare professionals, not only closely associated with our work in the U.S. but quite literally around the world, have joined in to work with us and are jubilant about the potential of this discovery for the good of all. And a long line of researchers who have approached this subject with a sincere and open mind—be they scientists, MDs, chemists, biochemists, physicists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths or the like—have each felt compelled to help in some way. If one is a rational, sane individual and witnesses large numbers of people with many varied health problems experiencing remarkable changes in their wellness, something occurs deep inside oneself. It becomes more a crusade than a research line. And the people whose lives have been bettered want others to know of this discovery—so the word spreads.

There is no question that this particle exists and that it is simply water but it is our belief that this phase of water is a central agent in the arsenal of the body’s immune response. And because of its structure and polar charge, we theorize that this particle is somehow the molecular basis for what Chinese Medicine has suggested for over two thousand years. The Chinese maintain that an electrical matrix surrounds the body, and that this electrical matrix is the senior dominating factor in all health issues. This is evidenced by Electron and Atomic Force Microscope photographs, which demonstrate that these particles line up end to end to form circuit-like structures. Therefore it is very feasible that we have found a material basis for the Chinese meridians.

If you have a true interest in Homeopathy, you owe it to yourself to understand this subject; and the way to do that is to read our book. The first section has only simple scientific terms and summarizes the complete track of the research with the difficulties we experienced along the way. It also gives an overview of the valid published scientific experiments, all explained in layman’s language. The second section is very detailed, as it contains the complete set of published papers and experiments and is definitely aimed at scientists and engineers. But, bottom line, we are not trying to commercialize a new product or pull the wool over anyone’s eyes–we wrote the book to be completely out in the open. We want others to help; it is important to understand the molecule from which, we believe, life sprang.

There you can find our resumes, backgrounds and a link to send us any questions you may have.

This is an extremely beneficial discovery. Of course, water in general is essential to life; but this water—these little solid water particles—we believe, are the first particles or the first phase of water, the genesis phase of water; it is of vital importance that this work continue.

David L. Gann

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