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Double Helix Water, A Groundbreaking Discovery.

Double Helix Water is a unique form of ultra-pure-water containing microscopic concentrated stable water clusters first introduced in the International Journal of Physics, Physics Letters A, October 2009 by engineer David L. Gann and a member of his research team. In the words of C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD., neurosurgeon and founder of the American […]

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Homeopathy in Practice

The Secret of Life has been the foundation of philosophy and medicine throughout history. The Chinese called it chi; the Japanese, qi; the Indians, prana; and Wilhelm Reich, orgone. Much of medicine before 1940 was rather pragmatic empirical practice with many errors.

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The Secret of Life

Norman Shealy, MD, PhD and Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association wrote a foreword to our book, Double-Helix Water, Has the 200-year-old mystery of homeopathy been solved? I have included it here as an introduction for this article.

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Double Helix Water - What is it?

Double Helix Water – What is it?

“Their demonstration of microscopic clusters in water is groundbreaking and revolutionary! Their purification of water, with the atmospheric purity described, places homeopathy on a scientifically valid foundation that is equal at least to the discovery of atomic energy.” — C. Norman Shealy, MD. PhD. Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association.One of the world’s leading experts […]

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